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Comments for Thursday, June 30, 2011
Guest: Bill Kristol
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HO-LEE crap. That's amazing. And he looks like he's going to throw up during the apology. fuck.
I truly hope we're witnessing the birth of a Willie Geist meme.
If Michele Bachmann ever wins. How hard is it to move to oh...idk, Austria?
The best thing about John Quincy Adams: he has a Twitter account.
That's kinda awesome.
Is that the real poster for that "documentary"? Because that looks wildly like a propaganda poster from the USSR during the Cold War. Just sayin'
Michele Bachmann straight-up terrifies me, as does anyone who claims to receive visions from God.
Holy shit! O__O
I guess he either also yelled at her or maybe one of the other judges calling her a total bitch. So you know, classy. I can't believe he won the recount. I mean, I can but I don't want to.